Sunny in NC

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Keepin it classy in NC



now I’m all stressed because the outfit I picked out for tomorrow involved white pants and you guys are telling me its memorial day and I thought it was Easter and now ugh I don’t know I’m stuck HELP

Lilly said it’s ok to wear white pants in any season so I think it’s ok 🌺🌸


I’m not sure!

Been seeing this a lot lately… High schoolers constantly tweeting about ADHD and all the wonderful side effects of the medicine. STOP. It’s not a glamorous disease. It’s a damn uphill battle and it’s really irritating that high schoolers who decided they had ADHD because their SAT scores weren’t high enough or because their grades are slipping feel the need to make it look like it’s some little disease that medication can fix. Obviously there are 2 versions of ADHD: the actual disease and the lazy high schooler disease.